Friday, April 23, 2010

How I got $$$$ of free publicity

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

180 Day Action Plan for your salon

1. Calculate your customer lifetime value and stop running unprofitable adds
2. Increase your price by 10-15% (yes you can do that very easily!)
3. Start collecting all customer names and address and emails
4. Contact inactive customers and give them an irresistible offer
5. Implement some critical non-essentials and systemize
6. Survey your clients and systemize obtaining feedback
7. Up sell at the point of purchase
8. Obtain ideas from your team
9. Make an irresistible offer to your current clients
10. Review some marketing ideas from outside of your industry
11. Develop a USD
12. Obtain Testimonials from your good clients
13. Do a Joint venture with another business who has your target market
14. Use a multi-step direct mail
15. Develop a web site to get your clients details and a reason why they should leave their details.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The majority in the beauty profession are wrong about the most- if not all- of their beliefs about how to be successful in salons.

That’s a difficult truth to wrap your head around, but this fact doesn’t lie – 95%of them earn a great deal less than 5%do. Only about 1% become rich through their salons- compared with at least 20% , 40% to 50% who barely eke out a living or fail. Overall, these stats never change- recessions or booms, new technology breakthroughs or not. A lot of salon owner still wants “get their name out there” or I call it “Looking good going nowhere” and literally throwing money down the drain.

Don’t despair; because I have been there, in fact I’m sure I have made every mistake in the book. I’ve learn’t it the hard way.. With many years of owning and running spas and salons I had to test and measure everything! I couldn’t afford not to. So here are 5 super tips I want to give salon owners to start doing today.

1. Collect testimonials from their clients.

2. Find out who hasn’t been your salon in the last 3 months and contact them again with a compelling offer they can’t refuse. (Because it’s cheaper to market to your current clients then to find new ones)

3. If they don’t respond to that offer send out another mail out and repeat it twice. (most salons give up on the first mail out) Make sure your envelope doesn’t look like a bill or junk mail and make it personal.

4. Give something away! A bonus offer, a free gift, something! FREE is one of the sexiest words in marketing. I know salon owners say “I hate free things” Remember: you are not your client and just think who loves the word FREE . Fat loves free, thin loves FREE, kids love FREE, men love FREE, Women Love FREE.

5. Up sell and cross sell at every opportunity!

Salon Marketing Savvy Department

How to compete in an overcrowded market place.

What makes your salon different? Your success or failure may come down to your message! Your USP (unique sales position) A tiny passionate piece may be just enough to make you rich! The quickest way to do that is to create a compelling USP that elevates and differentiates you over any of your competitors.

Here’s my Big lesson- What you should be looking for is the “market gap” a point of difference not covered by your competitors – is your guarantee? Is it your bonus offers? You may be a salon that does exactly the same services as down the road but your distinct difference is that you tell your clients exactly what you do.

I have many competitors in the salon marketing industry – my biggest point of difference is that “I put money in your pocket” I have a guarantee and I have been a salon owner myself, I know what salon owners go through with staff and clients. I know what your clients want and I know what salon owners want.

My marketing is very narrow as I don’t market to all salons, the salons that I work with is 1-7 employees. There are a few short cuts I have taken to get major success.
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The Most powerful Selling Weapon You will Ever Have –
Proof of what you say is true!

What I am about to reveal to you is the most powerful selling weapon that exists.

Oh, I know that is a big statement… and I wholeheartedly believe it! In fact, if my life depended up one single strategy, this would be it.

Proof – Proof that what I say is true! If you prove what your treatments actually work then do it! If you don’t believe they work then don’t do it! But I’m not going to argue with you because you wouldn’t be doing the treatment if you didn’t believed it worked. (hopefully not!!)

So how do you do this in your salon?

1. Testimonials
2. Facts
3. Demonstration Events
4. Guarantees
5. Pictures
6. References and referrals

This seems to be money left on the table when I speak to salon owners and how they don’t get testimonials. There is a way of getting testimonials without hype or waffle!
When someone says how good you are it’s much more powerful then coming from you. Have them in a book at your front of your waiting area. Include a questionnaire with your product or service. The questionnaire should ask what you got right, what you got wrong and how you can improve your product or service. This is a very powerful strategy and also allows you to customize your product or service to your customer needs.
Here are some more tips to get testimonials for your salon marketing

1. If you get a testimonial, make sure you use them. Number one barrier to business is lack of trust.

2. The best testimonials are the ones that are meaningful and specific not vague and general

3. Ask to be able to use their full name and suburb – Need to be cautious in the hair and beauty industry as its personal so I will use Initials – it’s better than nothing. But a full name dramatically improves believability in the mind of the prospect.
Don’t forget to get written permission to sue in the testimonials you get and make sure you use them liberally and strategically. If you don’t like testimonials it doesn’t matter, because it’s about your client … not you… You are not your customer

Six Super Ways to Give your Salon a Lift

6 Super Ways to Give your Salon a Lift

(with little outlay)

Some may argue that the salons with the nicer d├ęcor and image can charge higher prices. If you would like to beautify your premises but do not wish to spend extra money, find a local up and coming artist to display paintings in your salon. If you happen to sell a painting, you can even earn some extra income by receiving a percentage of the sale. You can also approach local galleries to promote their new artists. Fresh flowers and plants always bring so much more life and vitality to a salon. You can make arrangements with a florist in your neighborhood to provide flowers and rental plants. A local florist will certainly wish to partner up with you as you service clientele whom will have bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, and they will want to have access to this client base. Other ways to uplift or change the look of your premises at a very low or no cost:

1. New uniforms for staff

2. Rotate weekly colored t-shirts

3. Paint your walls a different colour

4. Barter services with a muralist

5. Framed photos of your salon history - any publications you should laminate them and put them in the waiting area - helps your salon look like a celebrity salon

6. Change the color of your dressing gowns/update your towels

Be creative and realize it is a myth that you have to “spend money to make money”? Think out of the box and you can easily beautify and give a make-over to your salon without spending very much money at all.
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